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Tournaments held in the facilities of E.A.K.

  • "Elena Venizelou" National Stadium of Chania:

    • football games- 1st national division at women, local divisions
      • A.C.Chania - women's team
      • Ionia
    • athletic games
      • Venizelia – european level
      • Battle of Crete – national level
      • Chania 2013 – national level
      • SEGAS meetings
      • school meetings
  • Sports Hall of Chania :

    • basketball- 2nd and 3rd national division
    • volleyball- 1st, 2nd and 3rd national division
    • handball- 2nd and 3rd national division
    • swordplay meeting «Battle of Crete» - european level
  • Tennis Club of Chania :

    • tennis tournament- national level
  • Nautathletic Centre of Chania :

    • water polo- 1st and 2nd national division
    • swimming- all the divisions
    • swimming GRAND PRIX "Venizelia"– european level
  • Shooting Centre of Chania :

    • shooting tournament skeet -trap "Battle of Crete"
    • nationa shooting tournament- 25 and 50 metres
    • regional shooting tournaments


The "Elena Venizelou" National Stadium of Chania is the only available place of such a big capacity in the city centre for concerts. Many succesful concerts take place there of artists such as Chatzigiannis, Paparizou, Rouvas, Papakonstantinou, Machairitsas, Arvanitaki, Tsaligopoulou and others.It also hosts periodically ice rink facilities and luna parks.

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