The National Athletic Centre (E.A.K.) is a legal entity of public law. It was founded in 2000 according to the 54/2000 Presidential Decree which abolished the National Stadium Of Chania and the National Nautathletic Centre of Chania. Later, according to the 4002/2011 Presidential Decree the National Shooting Centre of Chania had been abolished too and it has became part of the E.A.K.

Due to the lack of regulations, the operation of E.A.K. is based on the 423/1976 law, the 456/1988 Presidential Decree, the 17112/2000 Ministerial Decree and the Decree “About financials of legal entity of public law”.

The administrative commitee consists of seven members:

  • President: Kouvatsos Athanasios (deputy Lavoutas Sotiris)
  • Vice president: Barzokas Ioannis (deputy Kotsoglou Kyriakos)
  • Treasurer: Lakiotakis Antonis (deputy Chinos Ioannis)
  • Chairman: Kouklakis Kyriakos (deputy Stavroulakis Pantelis)
  • Members: Maragoudaki Chrysanthi (deputy Charoni Dimitra),
  • Leventakis Apostolos (deputy Stavrakakis Ioannis)
  • Elector: Chinou Maria (deputy Nikiforaki Georgia)

The term of office of the administrative commitee shall be two years.