Tournaments held in the facilities of E.A.K.


“Elena Venizelou” National Stadium of Chania:

Track and field athletic games

  • Venizelia
  • Battle of Crete
  • Chania
  • SEGAS meetings
  • School meetings
Sports Hall of Chania:
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
Tennis Club of Chania:
  • Tennis tournament- national level
Nautathletic Centre of Chania:
  • Water polo – 1st national division
  • Swimming – all the divisions
  • Swimming GRAND PRIX “Venizelia”
Shooting Centre of Chania:
  • European shooting tournaments
  • National shooting tournaments (Pistol) – 25 and 50 meters
  • Regional shooting tournaments

The “Elena Venizelou” National Stadium of Chania is the only available place of such a big capacity in the city center for concerts.

For more informations, you can call 282 104 3188